bogOur history.  The Capital Triumph Register (CTR) was founded in 1989 to serve Triumph enthusiasts in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.  CTR has grown steadily, with nearly 130 members presently registered.  CTR is an autonomous Chapter of the Vintage Triumph Register, a North American association dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of all Triumph automobiles.

Our mission.  CTR’s purpose is to preserve the Triumph marque and have a good time doing it.  CTR encourages the ownership, operation (driving), maintenance, and restoration of all Triumph automobiles and the good-natured fellowship associated with this hobby and way of life.

Why join CTR?  CTR offers its members events throughout the year, including road rallies, tech sessions, car shows, and social events.  CTR hosts the Annual “Britain on the Green,” a British marque show held on April 28, 2013 at the historic Gunston Hall Plantation, home of American Patriot George Mason, located on the Potomac at Masons Neck, Va. Click on the BOG logo for more information. The STANDARD, our club newsletter, is published ten times per year and is mailed to all members.  In addition to our events and newsletter, CTR offers its members new friends with diverse backgrounds who share a love of Triumphs and all things British!  Visit our Membership Information page for more information and downloadable application.

CTR on Facebook.  CTR members who are Facebook members can join the new CTR Facebook group!  Participate in technical discussions, receive club updates, check our current event schedules, and more.  Simply log in to Facebook, search for the Capital Triumph Register group, and send a request to join.  All current CTR members will be “admitted.” Click on the link in the upper right hand corner of the webpage.

Privileges of Membership

As a CTR member, you will:

  • Receive a membership card — immediate family members (significant other and minor children) will be acknowledged as members as well, for no additional cost
  • Receive our monthly award-winning newsletter, The Standard, in your choice of electronic or paper format
  • Be entitled to participate in all club sponsored events year-round, including road tours, technical sessions, and social events
  • Be eligible for annual awards based on participation in club activities
  • Have access to the technical knowledge, resources, and camaraderie of other CTR members

You can join by visiting our membership page.