June 10th – CTR Rally

Posted by on May 23, 2017 in Events, News

We had fun with our spring rally last year, so we thought we’d set another one up for 2017. On Saturday, June 10th, we’ll hold  a  question‐and‐answer  rally  in  Southern Maryland beginning in Upper Marlboro and ending in Galesville by the Chesapeake Bay. Participants will be given a copy of the route directions and will be asked to answer questions on what they see along the way. Most of the questions will be easy, but there will be a few tougher ones to make it a bit challenging. It will not be a timed event, so there will be no reason to speed – think of it more as a self-guided tour.

A Triumph would be nice, but certainly isn’t mandatory. For safety sake, we very strongly recommend you have a navigator to handle the paperwork so you can keep your head out of the cockpit and your eyes on the road. You’ll need a pen to record your answers and a clipboard or something to keep your route package from blowing away. A working odometer would be a helpful aid in following the route instructions. You won’t need GPS, but if you’d like to use it, that’s okay. The intent is to have fun while enjoying some pleasant backroads in your LBC.

The rendezvous point is the same one we used last year and for Cruisin’ for Crustacean tours: the Shell station at the intersection of Route 301 and the Marlboro Pike in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. (From the Washington Beltway, take Exit 11 and go southeast on Route 4 (Pennsylvania Avenue) to Route 301 in Upper Marlboro. Take Route 301 north toward Baltimore and go just over a half mile to the Marlboro Pike (Route 725), the second traffic light. The Shell station will be on your left.) Cars will be started from there beginning at 10:00 AM.

Although the starting point is the same, this year’s route will be quite different taking you on mostly back roads through southern Anne Arundel County before ending at a restaurant in Galesville where you may order off the menu and relax while your results are scored.

Please respond to the evite no later than June 8th. Contact Art Fournier at 410-535-0690 or artfournier@comcast.net for additional information. We hope to see you there!