From the President – May 2017

Posted by on May 23, 2017 in News

You made Britain on the Green great
Capital Triumph Register members, family and friends are incredible. Your hard work and dedication made the 20th anniversary celebration of Britain on the Green a resounding success.

I’ve said it many times: It is energetic CTR members who make BOG great. From what I saw, everything ran great on the field because of your efforts and other CTR members. It was a fabulous job by everyone who devoted so much time to maintain the high standards that participants have come to expect. We ran the gamut of British car and motorcycle heritage.

The number of members who turned out is nothing short of amazing. I estimate that 50 percent of members and families contributed to the overall effort. It takes months of planning to ensure success at Britain on the Green, and every time there was a call for help, you were there. From the kickoff meeting in January to the final week of preparation, people answered the call.

The stuffing party gets easier every year because of the turnout to help. Setup at Gunston Hall is a daylong affair involving tents and marking the field. And, on the day of the big show, you were on the field ready to help.

Pete Farrell again served as volunteer coordinator. Because of his efforts, everything went smoothly. Pete sums up the effort by saying, “It was wonderful to have you all as the team that made Britain on the Green 2017 happen. I really appreciate your willingness to jump in and your willingness to be flexible on time and assignments. Every year I learn several things I could do better as the coordinator but I could not do better than have such an awesome team of colleagues.”

Every year, Britain on the Green gets better. It was a pleasure to see the Kiddie Korner reborn at Gunston Hall thanks to Sharon Edelstein. We are seeing changing demographics with British car ownership. Younger owners are buying British marques, and that means there are more children coming to Britain on the Green.

Youngsters had a prominent role in this year Britain on the Green. Hagerty Insurance provided information to conduct youth judging of show cars. Three cars were selected that represented new elements of awards. Thanks RJ Fortwengler and Sheila Skipper for taking the lead on this.

The tradition of having the winning cars present for the awards ceremony was a highpoint this year. Thank you all the members who were judges.

CTR members traveled many miles to attend Britain on the Green. The long distance award should go to Dennis Eckhout, who flew in from Oklahoma to help. Dennis not only helped with getting the show going in the morning, he helped judge the award classes.

We also recognized Mark Shlien for his hard work. Mark was the former membership chairman, and the dynamo behind Britain on the Green’s sponsorship program. CTR could not be so generous in supporting charity without the support of our sponsors, and we would not have that level of support without Mark. Lionel Mitchell, past CTR president, presented Mark the coveted Golden Piston. This is the highest award CTR has to honor its members. Thank you, Mark, you have my deepest admiration
and appreciation.

My deepest appreciation is for John Buescher, Britain on the Green coordinator. John helped keep us focused and performed miracles. This is no easy task, and John’s superman feats make him the hero of the year. John kept his composure through all the challenges, and turned challenges into opportunities.

The weather always is a challenge. Normally, we worry about the threat of storms. This year, it was the unseasonal heat wave that made the 20th celebration wilt. Still, participants were treated to another first-class show with more than 200 British cars and motorcycles on the field.

This year’s show had a different feel. There were many more big cars, and the special interest class was overflowing.There was a lot to see. I walked six miles on the field looking at cars and talking to people.

The field was nice to walk because John would not settle for less than perfection. Lionel Mitchell mowed the show field with his Tractor. Field prep is one of the new checklist items for
next year.

I met new CTR members who participated in BOG events. Barry Stoll brought his new 1976 Java TR6 to Gunston Hall on the setup day. I also met Shiraz Mahyera whose TR4 earned a second place award. Shiraz had driven back to Gunston Hall looking for his award that may have been misplaced. That is dedication, and we are looking at a way to recreate Shiraz’s award.

I have awards to mail out for those winners who had to leave early. There were a few things to catch up on after BOG, but I am fully engaged with wrapping up the loose ends.

One of those loose ends is increasing visibility of CTR. We have a new promotional brochure to leave at shops and for members to give to prospective members. We are going to increase efforts to tell the CTR story at the upcoming British car shows.

Hope to see you at the shows listed in the Standard events list. Say hello, and tell me about your cars. Or cars. Also tell me what you want to see CTR do. I’m also hyping the Vintage Triumph Register convention in August in Princeton, New Jersey. As a VTR chapter, we should be encouraging membership
at the national level, and planning to attend this convention in our area.