Garage Cleanout – February 5th

Posted by on Jan 20, 2017 in Events

Longtime member Matt Schipani is cleaning out his garage and everything must go. He needs some help with cleanup and also to pass on his collection of extra parts and tools that have accumulated over the years. During the restoration of his GT6 many years ago he amassed quite a few extra parts that he has no need for as well as some tools and equipment that are either duplicate, triplicate, or just plain old and not needed. Everything left will be for sale to the first approaching with a reasonable offer – first come first serve. Items include some shelving, workbench items, spring compressor, flaring tool, GT6/Spit bumpers, bell housing, gaskets, carb parts, so forth and so on. Date/Time: Saturday, February 5. Please arrive at 9:30 AM. Coffee and donuts will be on hand. Host: Matt Schipani (phone 571-275-3800, email