CTR Membership Dues Change

Posted by on Jan 16, 2017 in News

The Capital Triumph Register’s Executive Steering Board (ESB) approved a dues increase effective January 1, 2017. Rising postal and printing costs have made the cost of providing the printed newsletter to some members significantly more costly than their actual annual membership fees. In effect, the cost of providing the printed and mailed version to those members is being subsidized by the members who choose the email version.
So, in fairness to everyone (and rather than just discontinue the print version), it was decided to set up a two-tier membership plan, so those who prefer the printed and mailed newsletter can still receive it while the printing and mailing costs are distributed more equitably.

It was voted that a $5 per year increase would only apply to those who elect to receive the newsletter in paper (hard copy) format. The new rates are: $25 for electronic newsletter and $30 for paper newsletter for one year memberships and $40 for electronic newsletter and $50 for paper newsletter for two year memberships.

The increase is to encourage members to receive the newsletter in electronic format since the printing and postage cost for paper newsletters is about $3 per issue mailed which equates to as much as $36 for 12 issues.

Additionally, we encourage members to renew for two years, rather than one, to save money and reduce CTR’s administrative workload. If your membership is up for renewal soon, you may want to renew early to avoid the cost increase.

Visit our membership page to sign up or renew.